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Ultimate Consumer Electronics Search EngineShopping for electronics items online can be quite exhausting process especially if you’re not sure what is it exactly that you want. Jumping from one site to another, comparing products, checking out reviews, user comments and so on is only fun upto certain point. When there is nothing to guide you it’s just too much of info out out there.

Recently I found out about retrevo, founders call it ultimate search engine for consumer electronics, and after trying I totally agree with them. Whether you’re planning to buy, learn about or troubleshoot some gadget it’s the best place to start with. What makes it so attractive is the way it presents and groups search results. For instance, search for something(nikon d50, sony cybershot, etc) and you’ll see that it classifies results into following categories;

  • Manufacturer Info & Product Docs: detailed product info and manufacturers’ manuals
  • Reviews and Articles: lists reviews from authoritative sources like PCworld, CNET and etc
  • Forums and Blogs: latest related forum and blog posts related. I was checking out Nikon SLR camera for my girlfriend and in the forum section found someone posted links to extremely good bargain deals on the camera.
  • Daily Deals and Stores: Fresh and related deals and bargains

The best part of all is navigation options, you can literally do everything you need within one browser window, see illustrative image below

There is even an option to save your searches for later reference, for that you need to signup though. Overall, it’s an excellent service. It may appear slower then regular search engine but it’s smart grouping and features make up for it. For more detailed but rather different review check out readwriteweb’s review here.


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