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desktopOkHeadLet’s say you are the kind of person who likes to keep your icons on the desktop the way you want them, the kind of person who when you walk away from your desk, your co-workers move your icons around just to piss you off.

Well then, I have the perfect piece of software for you! Desktop OK does one job and it does it great. It can remember your desktop icons’ position and restore them whenever you want.

Just download the 37.5KB ZIP file from here and start the portable application. Choose your language (English or Dutch) and you are on your way.

The console looks like this:


So, my desktop looks like this to begin with (I am not a neat freak, trust me!)



Now, I saved my layout by hitting the save button within Desktop OK.


As you can see, it shows the layout and when it was saved. Then, I went all crazy and moved some other icons around and on my desktop like so:


And then, I said, “WAIT A MINUTE, What did I just do?”

I want my desktop to look like it did before. But just for kicks, I decided to save a copy of my desktop like this so I hit Save on the console again.


When I click on the second icon set (which is actually the first one created), I get my original desktop back and if I click the first one, it gives me that messed up looking desktop. This is great especially after playing games that change your resolution and distort your icon placing!

Do you use something similar? Share it with us in the comments!

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