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If you are a regular Twitter user, then you might open up the Twitter tab numerous times in a single day. You start by going to the network’s homepage and then after a few clicks you arrive where you wanted to e.g. at your mentions, activity, stream, or wherever it is you wanted to go. But if you are a Google Chrome user, you can directly go to that page using shortcuts from the browser’s address bar – this is all thanks to a tool called Responsive Twitter.

address bar twitter

Responsive Twitter is a browser tool that adds Twitter shortcuts to your browser’s address bar. The tool basically comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. After the extension has been installed, you need to type ‘@’ in the URL bar followed by the Tab key on your keyboard; this activates the shortcut panel and you see “Responsive Twitter” written in blue on the URL bar. From then on you can type in keys to view shortcuts and make use of numerous features such as checking your Twitter feed, seeing your mentions, running a Twitter search, and much more.

responsive twitter

Needless to say, this operation helps save time by letting you perform Twitter tasks directly from Chrome’s address bar.


  • A user-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Lets you use Twitter shortcuts from the browser’s address bar
  • Lets you execute searches on Twitter, check your mentions, and much more

Check out Responsive Twitter @

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