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Flexible grid layouts let your websites squeeze into the visitor’s browser resolution. At times however you will find a limited number of column number options for scalability which means the width cannot be scaled to all resolutions. Here to offers a convenient solution is a tool called Responsive Grid System.

scale website

With Responsive Grid System, instead of making you stick with a specific number of columns, the tool works in percentages which makes columns far more adjustable and fluid. This however does not mean that you will be dealing in a lot of math – all you need to know is the maximum number of columns that you will need.

Another cool feature of the tool is that it plugs into your existing website and lets you put content before layout, making things far more convenient.

You can get the HTML and CSS of it all in a 8 KB zip archive available from the tool’s webpage.


  • A user-friendly tool for site developers.
  • Makes your site flexible and scalable.
  • Works in column percentages instead of fixed numbers.
  • Blends into your existing websites.
  • Similar tools: Variable Grid SystemGumby960 and Gridlover.

Check out Responsive Grid System @

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