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Dead-simple online reminder service that helps you remember stuff that needs to be done on a regular basis i.e daily, weekly or monthly. Enter the email address where you want the reminders to be sent, add a title or a URL for the reminder, specify how often and when the reminders should be sent and click “Resnooze”. Done. You can easily delete or reset reminder settings whenever you want.

email reminders

If you have a blog you might be also interested in adding ‘Resnooze This’ button to your blog. This will enable any of your readers to instantly set reminder emails to visit your website periodically.Pretty cool.


  • Schedule email reminders for recurrent tasks.
  • Unlimited: Create as many reminders as you like.
  • Delete or reset reminders with a single click.
  • Option to specify the exact time when reminders should be sent.

Check out Resnooze @

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