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Simple online image resizing and cropping tool. Resize images in three easy steps. Save resized images on your PC or/and forward them to friends.

Resize2Mail - online image resizing
  1. 1. Choose the image you would like to resize (images from PC only)
  2. 2. Select the resize method you would like to apply.
  3. 3. Click OK and wait for the next page to show up.

Feature overview:

  • Resize images to fixed proportions or by percentage (25%, 50%, etc.)
  • Crop and Rotate images.
  • Supported image formats: .JPG and .GIF only.
  • Save resized images on your PC and/or forward to friends by email.
  • Get Resize2Mail as a tool integrated into Alexa toolbar.
  • What’s missing: option to grab and resize images from a web address. Available feature on many other online image editors.

Visit Resize2Mail @

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