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Many people browse YouTube while they continue their other computer tasks. But in order to do so, they must resize their web browser and then adjust their scroll bars to make the YouTube video viewable within the resized browser. But here to offer a more convenient way to handle this situation is a tool called Resize YouTube Player To Window Size.

resize youtube player

Resize YouTube Player To Window Size is a self-explanatory browser tool, the function of which is to automatically resize the YouTube video being streamed to the size of your web browser. The tool comes as a GreaseMonkey script that works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While you will be able to directly run the tool on your Chrome browser, on Firefox you will first need to install the GreaseMonkey addon.

Once you have the prerequisites and installed the tool, all you have to do is head over to the page of any YouTube video. After a momentary pause, you will find the video size expanded (or compressed) to the size of your web browser’s window. To test the effectiveness of the application, you can resize your web browser and observe the video being resized in real time.

One possible side effect of the addon is that when the YouTube video player is resized, it might automatically change the video quality of the video being streamed. For example, if you are streaming a video full screen in high definition quality, the video quality might be reduced to 320p when you size down your browser’s window.



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