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Today most modern companies post their job listings online. To help these companies manage the applications they get and to select a suitable candidate out of them, various online tools have been created. But very few of these websites provide a comprehensive set of hiring features that will suit all companies – Resfly is one of these few websites.

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Resfly provides you with a comprehensive set of features that begins with perfectly describing the job. You enter the job title, its location, category, and a description of the job that you can add a bit of special text formatting to. You can mention the salary with the job and specify whether the salary is annual or an hourly rate; the contract type can also be specified.


With these details filled out, you can enter a question that all candidates need to answer. In addition to their resumes, this question could really help to filter the candidates. You can set the response type to a textual or a video one.



When your job has been created, you can spread the word about it by connecting your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to the site. Resfly also automatically posts your jobs to the most popular job boards. The resumes you receive are all managed and viewed within the app’s interface. The site’s analytics let you easily view the number of applications received and viewed.

Resfly: An Online Web Service To Post Jobs & Hire People Graph

Resfly offers various payment plans ranging from $49 per month to $189 per month. All the site’s packages come with a 5 day free trial.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you post jobs online.
  • Automatically posts jobs to popular job boards.
  • Lets you comprehensively define the job.
  • Lets you add screening question for candidates.
  • Provides application analytics.
  • Applications can be viewed within the site.

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