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ResendHeadI regularly work out of Outlook 2007. Every now and again, I have to help out a user using Windows Mail or Outlook Express. And the thing that has baffled me for some time is: why there is no resend button.

In Windows Mail or Outlook Express, if you want to send an old email again, you are stuck having to forward it instead. And that changes the look and feel of the email.

When you forward something, it appends a > in front of each line in the message. So, you know what is actually forwarded and what was in the original email.

In Outlook 2007, I have a Resend email button that actually RESENDS the message just as it was sent the first time.


So, how to resend an email in Outlook Express and Windows Mail?


Now, the users of Outlook Express and Mail can do the same thing with a free third party application. It is called Resend Message (Very clever!)

After installing this 1.2MB add on, you will get a Resend Message option as you can see in the screen shots below. After the installation, I fired up Outlook Express and I saw this:


And from within Outlook Express, I saw this:


And if you had Windows Mail, this is where you would see the command:


Simply by clicking Resend Message it will do exactly as you ask, and sends a nice clean copy of your original email again. It fires up a new copy of your message that you can then address to the same recipient or to someone else. This works for any mail folder except drafts. I did find a bug after using it a few times: it created a new message in the sent folder but I could not edit it. I closed Outlook Express, reopened it and my problem was magically gone!

Resend Message works for:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP.
  • Outlook Express 6.x., Windows Mail 6.x.

Does this tip help you? Let me know in the comments.

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