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reQall helps you remember stuff when you’re on the go – ideas, appointments, phone numbers, anything. Quite similar to the previously covered Jott, however it also works in UK and Canada. Just pick up the phone, dial provided toll-free number and use your voice to record your memos. At the end of the day, reQall converts your messages to text and forwards them to your email address.

reQall - Remembers When You Can't

reQall Features

  • Record notes and leave yourself reminders using your mobile phone.
  • Recall (playback) your notes or todos from phone.
  • Get daily email summary with all you phone recordings converted to text.
  • Set up text message alerts for upcoming tasks / deadlines.
  • reQall website: search through text version of your recordings, add new todos and to-remembers, etc.
  • Follow up on your reQall activity from your feedreader.
  • Access and view your reQalls in your iGoogle startpage.
  • Access reQall online from Apple iPhone or iPod Touch [].

reQall Access numbers:

– for United States: Call 1-888-9-REQALL (1-888-973-7255) [toll-free]
– for Canada: Call 1-888-9-REQALL (1-888-973-7255) [toll-free]
– for United Kingdom: Call 0800-692-8780 [freephone*] or 020-7147-5700 [**]
*free to call from landline, cost from a mobile is based on the user’s calling plan but is typically 10p / minute.
** many UK mobile plans include a certain number of minutes for free.

[Video] reQall introduction

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Check out reQall @

  1. GigiNYC
    April 28, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    I started using Reqall about a month ago, and it's an absolute godsend (I've also tried using Jott, but Reqall is better in my opinion). Since my mobile is at least for the time being the only telephone I have, I can no longer call home and leave reminders for myself on my answering machine -- but I can call Reqall and leave myself a reminder which I can either retrieve later from the website or have sent back to me in a text message. The only slight drawback is that whoever or whatever is listening to my reminders and creating the text messages doesn't always understand correctly what I said but it's usually close enough for me to get the gist of what I was trying to remember.

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