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reQall helps you remember stuff when you’re on the go – ideas, appointments, phone numbers, anything. Quite similar to the previously covered Jott, however it also works in UK and Canada. Just pick up the phone, dial provided toll-free number and use your voice to record your memos. At the end of the day, reQall converts your messages to text and forwards them to your email address.

reQall - Remembers When You Can't

reQall Features

  • Record notes and leave yourself reminders using your mobile phone.
  • Recall (playback) your notes or todos from phone.
  • Get daily email summary with all you phone recordings converted to text.
  • Set up text message alerts for upcoming tasks / deadlines.
  • reQall website: search through text version of your recordings, add new todos and to-remembers, etc.
  • Follow up on your reQall activity from your feedreader.
  • Access and view your reQalls in your iGoogle startpage.
  • Access reQall online from Apple iPhone or iPod Touch [].

reQall Access numbers:

– for United States: Call 1-888-9-REQALL (1-888-973-7255) [toll-free]
– for Canada: Call 1-888-9-REQALL (1-888-973-7255) [toll-free]
– for United Kingdom: Call 0800-692-8780 [freephone*] or 020-7147-5700 [**]
*free to call from landline, cost from a mobile is based on the user’s calling plan but is typically 10p / minute.
** many UK mobile plans include a certain number of minutes for free.

[Video] reQall introduction


Check out reQall @

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