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RepperHead I came across Repper today as I was browsing through the MakeUseOf Directory over here and was pretty impressed. Impressed enough that I went to try it out for myself and I thought I would take you guys along for the ride.

The rules are simple: your image needs to be in the JPG format and the file size needs to be under 500KB. (I did not follow the rules and uploaded a GIF and it accepted)

Not that bad. And if your images are in another format or too big – it is easily fixable with any image editing Edit Images Online with The Aviary Photo Editor Suite Edit Images Online with The Aviary Photo Editor Suite Read More software.

I started out by browsing over to: The site was pretty and gives off a great first impression. It has a fun feel to it and it makes you want to dive right in.


I got the idea of what kinds of cool images Repper can output by simply clicking on the change background button a few times. Very trippy! But of course, that was not going to distract me. I clicked on Start Tool Now!


I was presented with a random image which you can see in the lower right hand side of the screen shot below. Then by moving the mouse around, you create a kaleidoscope effect and make nifty patterns out of the image shown. You continue messing around with the random images or you can upload your own.


To upload your own images, click on the Upload image button in the upper right hand corner. It looks like this:


After clicking on it, you will get an Open file dialogue box like so:


I uploaded this image:


A simple text report scaled down to 565 pixels. Why did I choose this jpeg? It was the only one laying on my desktop. So, I uploaded it and got the image below. It has kind of a mirrored/alien language look to it.


Then, I got a bit braver and uploaded a picture of my wife and daughter and this is what I got:


Wow, that is a crazy pattern generated from my wife’s hair! You can download your pattern by pressing the button labeled Save pattern like so:


You will be given a URL to paste into a browser, email or IM. You can download the CSS file to add it to the background of your website or simply grab the image by clicking Download pattern.


The possibilities are endless! We would love to see what you create! Post a link in the comments.

  1. Hezi
    May 23, 2009 at 6:41 am

    haven't decided if that's nice or just lame.. but thanks!

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