RepairPal: Get Car Repair Estimates and Service Shops in your Area

Ever wondered how good (or rip off) of a deal you are getting when you get a quote on repair services for your car. RepairPal can help you with that. Here you can find out whether your car mechanic is a trustworthy one or trying to rip you off. RepairPal gives you a good price estimate for specific car repair jobs.

repair pal cars   RepairPal: Get Car Repair Estimates and Service Shops in your Area

Furthermore, you can find out what are the most common problems associated with the model of your car, mechanical details, ask questions, locate service and parts shops in your area, read reviews from other car owners, keep track of service information, get reminders for upcoming services, etc.


  • Get independent price estimates for car repairs.
  • Find out what the most common problems associated with the model of your car.
  • Search for repair shops in your area. Over 260.000 service shops listed.
  • Store and organize service and repair related information online.
  • Get reminders for upcoming services.
  • Ask live mechanic a specific question (non-free).
  • Leave feedback about your car, specific repair shop or mechanic.
  • The service is available only to users within US

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Have a look at Our service will generate an accurate estimate (No ranges) giving you the exact labor time with average labor rates in your area calculated from a 65K record repair facility. Our service also lists out the exact OEM Part # & Price.

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Danyelle Arellano

I have 1988 camero-z28. Its runs badly,needs new exhaut sytem.Gauges dont work,just the speed otomer.needs head gasket and value covers. keeps over heating.

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If you really want a complete solution to being over charged for auto repair including a shop that has agreed to accept the estimate you get any where in the U.S., have a look at, the complete answer. We give you the exact labor cost geo-specific to your area, the parts cost, part numbers (OEM and aftermarket) and availability geo-specific to your area and we give the information to a shop near you that has agreed in writing to honor our estimates. We also have “Live” estimators should you need assistance. No that is a solution you can count on!