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Are you in need of stuff that is of great use to you right now, but not valuable enough for you to buy it? Perhaps you need an extra camera for your weekend trip? Or a bicycle to tour the city? Enter Rentstuff. This website is a community and marketplace for rentable items online. You can lend and rent almost anything including sports gear, home equipment, tools, electronics, and more.

rentable items

In essence, Rentstuff is the Craigslist of things for rent. You can browse through available items on the website or use the search bar to find exactly what you need. It is also a great way for lenders to earn money, with Rentstuff even giving you an estimate as to how much your item will fetch in their market. Potential lenders can also find stuff that they may be able to rent out by checking the Needed Items.

To rent an item, you will need to enter your payment information and click “Reserve It”. The lender will then confirm your reservation and arrange a meetup with you. Once you have the item, you can confirm the transition to Rentstuff via SMS or through the your website account. Once the rental is done, you can leave a review for the lender.

Rentstuff is a great website for earning and saving money from rented items. This app addresses the problem of having too much stuff they don’t use and which could be a source of side income for them. This tool is also very useful if you want to save money and do not want to buy items just for a couple of days use.



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