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I’m sure there are times when you completely forget a DVD or a book you’ve lent out to a friend and recall it only when you need that stuff urgently. Rentoni is a new web app which would help you avoid such situations by helping you remember the things you lend and borrow. It sends alerts 2 days before the date set, reminding you to return or get back your stuff.

It’s easy to use. Sign up, choose a time zone, add lent and borrowed things along with the person’s name and details and set up a deadline. You could also choose to notify your friend whom you’ve lent out the thing.

lend and borrow

keep track of things


  • Keep track of things you lend and borrow.
  • Simple and nice user interface.
  • Get notified 2 days before you need to get something returned.
  • Automatically reminds your friends 2 days before they are expected to return something.
  • Web based, hence works on all operating systems.
  • Easy to use, requires sign up.
  • Similar sites: OurShelf.

Check out Rentoni @


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