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Suppose you are about to visit a new place; knowing a local would be extremely helpful in exploring the sights. Similarly if you are trying your hand at a new activity, having an expert around would ensure you don’t mess anything up.

People normally rely on friends for such activites and through “Rent A Friend” you can hire someone friendly enough to help you with your task.

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Rent A Friend is a website that, in some ways, resembles a website for classifieds. You can put up an activity notice and see if anybody is interested in carrying out that activity with you. Of course the “˜friends’ on Rent A Friend might charge you for their services; but they can also waive their charges if they wish.

You find people on Rent A Friend through your zip code – currently only US and Canadian zip codes are supported by the site. People can view each other’s details and photos on the website to see if they would be interested in meeting; you can contact any of the friends by phone or message through the site’s anonymous messaging system.

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Check out “RentAFriend” @

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