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Living with flatmates always means splitting the overall expenses. One of the most debated expenses is probably the apartment’s rent. “Calculate the Rent” is here to help you end the debate and reach a fair decision on who should pay how much.

fair rent calculation

Calculate the Rent is a free to use web service that lets you find out how much each flatmate should pay for the rent. Various factors are taken into consideration during the evaluation. You start by entering the total rent amount and then the specifications of each room. Next you specify the size of common areas such as the kitchen and living room.

The rent for common rooms is split equally and the rest is determined according to the size and type of each flatmate’s room. The final figures are presented in a clear manner that leaves no confusion. You can go back to previous steps at any stage to rectify errors.

fair rent calculator


  • A user-friendly and fair rent calculator.
  • Helps find out how much each flatmate should pay towards the apartment rent.
  • Takes room size and type into consideration.
  • Takes common room areas into consideration.

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