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Rendeznew is a website which lets you find a find midpoint between two addresses (in fact, it can locate midpoint for up to four cities). Not only does it provide results from Google but also gives results from Yelp, showing rating and reviews of places you can go to. You can sort suggested meeting points by restaurants type, bars, coffee shops, lodging, art galleries etc.

find midpoint between two addresses

If the recommended midpoint between two cities (or addresses) aren’t to your liking you can easily drag the midpoint to desired direction to get a new result set.

Furthermore, the application provides directions from each starting address to the location you pick. To share your meeting point result you can grab a special link and forward it to anyone you want.


  • Find a midpoint between two addresses.
  • The site presents results with yelp reviews and ratings.
  • Refine meeting points by restaurants, bars, coffee shops, lodging… etc.
  • Directions from each starting address to the meeting place are provided.
  • Share results by forwarding a link.
  • Free and no registration.
  • Similar sites: HappyMedian, MeetWays and Mezzoman.

Check out Rendeznew @


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  1. Tom
    May 8, 2009 at 11:57 am

    of all the meet in the middle sites, I like rendeznew the best. the ability to drag the midpoint is really helpful. sometimes i just want the approximate midpoint...
    and sharing is pretty easy with the link. it's a great example of mashing together a bunch of disjointed features into a usable service.