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id3 tag removerAt the moment, I am cleaning up my MP3 music library and while looking through my U2 music collection, I realised I had made a big mistake while editing the ID3 tags for one of the albums.

For those of you who don’t know, the ID3 tags are meta data that you insert into the file including the song name, the artist that sings the song, the name of the album, album art, etc.

Now I wasn’t inclined to sit there and start writing the ID3 tags from scratch so I jumped onto Google and took a quick look to see if there was a small program that would instantly remove the ID3 tags in one go (yeah I know, I can be really lazy sometimes).

After searching for a couple of minutes, it seems there is such a program – ID3 Kill (sounds like a James Bond gadget!). It is a portable USB app so it requires no installation. Even better Moneypenny!

So, first I went to the MP3 folder in question on my computer. Note how the MP3’s currently have all their ID3 tags intact.

id3 kill -  how to remove id3 tags


Then I fired up ID3 Kill and this is what I found :

remove mp3 id tags

It’s extremely simple to use. Using the top yellow button, just navigate to the music folder where you want to remove the ID3 tags. Then tick the boxes for what you want killed. When everything looks peachy, click “GO” and let the app get on with its work.

It moves at lightning speed and when it’s finished, you’ll get a notification like this :

strip id3 tags

If you then go to the folder in question, you’ll see all the ID3 tags stripped and zapped, bagged and…well…untagged.


Weighing in at 175KB, this is a nice portable app to keep around if you need to nuke those ID3 music tags in a flash. It certainly beats having to delete and edit your tags one by one if you have an error with one of your music albums which is tedious!

Do you know of any other ID3 removal / clean up apps?

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