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There are a lot of things that are happening when we surf the web and sometimes we forget to get things done because of the distractions that our browsers bring. Thus, having a reminder tool within your browser can help out a lot. Enter ReminderFox a browser based to-do list & reminder add-on for Firefox.

Once you install ReminderFox, on the Reminders tabs, you can add a reminder and enter a description, date, time, priority. You can schedule an event and set daily reminders leading to the date. Whenever you open Firefox, a window will slide out to remind you of the tasks you listed. ReminderFox also has a quick to-do tab where you can also set a date for an event without the daily alert feature. View all your to-do items in this tab and edit them whenever you need to.

reminder addon firefox

reminder addon firefox

ReminderFox is a useful tool that will help you stay focused on your task without opening a separate reminder app away from the browser window.


  • Displays and lets you manage lists of reminders and to do’s.
  • Alerts you right in your browser about the important dates.
  • Quick to-do list to easily cross out items done.
  • A full-featured reminder tool from your browser window.
  • Similar Tools: Less Memories, Superminder, and Remindr.

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