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People who are forgetful of things could greatly use a tool that reminds them of important tasks and events. While many online tools exists that provide you with this feature, very few offer simple yet widespread support for multiple platforms. Remindeo is one of those good few services.

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Remindeo is a free to use web service that helps remind its users of important tasks and events. The site can provide you with email as well as SMS reminders for free. The most basic way to use the service is by creating an account on the site and setting up your reminders. Along with the date and name for the reminder, you can specify the frequency with which you shall be reminded; you can also add notes with each reminder.

You can choose to send other people the same reminder via email and you can choose to receive it by text message. Other ways to set up reminders include sending Remindeo an email using their set format, using the site’s mobile version through your smartphone device, or by using the service’s Facebook application – details for each of these methods can be found on Remindeo’s website.


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