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We all occasionally need reminders in our day-to-day lives to do the simple stuff – to get up and stretch, to take out the dog, to not try and kill the neighbors. Fortunately, the creators of RemindMeAgain for Mac took this into consideration and developed something really handy – yet simple – to achieve life’s minor tasks.

The app is meant for minor stuff that you wouldn’t normally use Reminders for. Using a window that pops out of a menu bar icon, you can type in the desired event that you want to remember. From there, you can tell the app how often you want to be reminded in the form of hours and minutes. Using Mountain Lion’s notification center How to Add Almost Everything to Mountain Lion's Notification Center [Mac] How to Add Almost Everything to Mountain Lion's Notification Center [Mac] Tweak the notification center in Mountain Lion to be somewhat useful, by adding notifications from the programs you care about to it. With a few tweaks you can add every Growl program to the notifications... Read More , the app will tell you what you need to do.

menial tasks

With that said, RemindMeAgain can only remind you of one thing at a time. Some may say this is a weakness, but it can also be a strength. For reference, think of RemindMeAgain as if it is a sticky note (or something similar). Take the scenario below, for example.

You may be stuck at the office with your Mac, and your wife calls you with the task of picking the kids up from school. This isn’t a normal part of your routine, so it may be hard for you to remember. Using RemindMeLater, you can create a quick, disposable notification that will remind you to grab the kids instead of leaving them to fend for themselves.



RemindMeLater is a very basic “mini-app” that can be handy in the oddest of times.


  • Reminds you of menial tasks.
  • Can be set to remind you at any given time.
  • Operates using the menu bar.

Download RemindMeAgain from the Mac App Store.

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