ReloadEvery: Scheduled Web Page Auto Refresh

ReloadEvery is a web page auto refresh add-for Firefox which helps you refresh web pages on a schedule. The default reload options start from every 5 seconds and go on upto every 15 mins. However, you can customize the time after which the pages are refreshed automatically. When you install the add-on, it adds options to the right-click menu and also adds a drop down menu to the refresh icon in the navigation toolbar of the browser. You can enable or disable auto-refresh for all the open tabs. The add-on is inspired by Opera’s auto-refresh feature. A nice tool for using with sites like Twitter, news sites and other pages which display frequently changing information.

reloadevery   ReloadEvery: Scheduled Web Page Auto Refresh


  • Firefox add-on for auto-refreshing pages.
  • Default options include reload every 5 secs to 15 mins.
  • Customize the reload time.
  • Enable or disable auto-refresh for all tabs.
  • Similar website: SiteReloader and PageReboot.

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