Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

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monstertruck   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]I have to admit that I am known for occasionally – very rarely mind you – shirking my duties, loading up some insanely addictive game, and spending hours releasing my stress and worries. Now, not every game out there is capable of doing that. Sometimes, solitaire just doesn’t cut it.

When I look for one of those games, I usually turn to my Android tablet so that I can sit back on the couch and really relax while playing.  One of the most heart-pounding and addictive games I’ve discovered is one called Monster Truck Mayhem. You can find the game with the Google Play app, and trust me, even the free version offers hours of fun.

A few years ago, Karl covered Truck Destroyer, a classic style monster truck arcade game offered at Shockwave. I also covered Rigs of Rods, a simulation game that amazingly even featured its own monster truck.  To my surprise and delight, there is also a selection of monster truck games offered for the Android platform, and in my opinion the arcade-style Offroad Legends game is one of the best.

A Challenging Monster Truck Game

If you’re worried about learning how to play a new game, have no fear. The controls are insanely easy to learn, and you’ve be presented by the controls the moment you launch the game. It’s really pretty simple, the side arrows, which you can either tap on the left side of the screen (or change the game controls to tilt mode) will control whether you lean your monster truck back or forward. This will prevent you from flipping over at inopportune moments in the game. Then of course, there’s the throttle and break on the right side of the screen.

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If you think you’re up to the Monster Truck challenge, go ahead and tap that throttle. I dare you!

monstermayhem03   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

If you question whether this game is actually fun, just take one look at the screenshot below. This was a couple of seconds after I launched my monster truck off of a ramp at the very top of the hill. Believe it or not, if you know just how to tilt the truck and at what speed to take the jump, you can land from a jump of this height without completely destroying your vehicle (although you’ll probably inflict some bit of damage – that goes without saying).

monstermayhem04   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

How do I know the correct way to land? It’s because you learn through failure.

monstermayhem06   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

Yes, that screenshot above is right after a direct four-wheel landing from an insanely high jump. Both oversized front wheels blew right off the truck, and the front axles just plowed directly into the dirt track – my truck getting inflicted with a whopping 30% of damage. There’s no going anywhere after losing your front wheels. Time to restart!

Let me just say though, practice makes perfect, and you’ll be rewarded for successfully completing each track. You will receive vehicle upgrades, such as this first upgrade to the coolest monster truck (or car?) ever. This thing has tons of power!

monstermayhem01   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

In fact, the upgraded vehicles will have enough power and speed to take on jumps that your previous vehicle could never manage, like this death-defying launch over a seemingly endless chasm.

monstermayhem14   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

No, I didn’t make it across the first time, and yes, that’s a pool of lava at the bottom. Just another special touch to make sure that there are absolutely no survivors at the bottom. Explosions are included, free of charge.

monstermayhem15   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

By the way, not all upgrades are for power of speed. Sometimes you may get an interesting bonus round where your challenge isn’t so much jumping and bouncing on four monster truck tires, but instead navigating something like a flower-power hippie VW bus along a treacherous, snow-covered mountain pass.

monstermayhem11   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

Or in the next round, you may discover that your task at hand is to navigate a hot pink cargo truck loaded with boxes up and down a crazy dirt trail to the end. Your job is to get the cargo to the finish line in one piece, and under the time limit. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

monstermayhem20   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

Once you complete the last track of the first CUP, which makes up the free version of the game, you can purchase additional levels by purchasing points (for real money of course).

monstermayhem19   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

You can browse through the available CUP choices in the menu to see just how many tracks this game offers – there are lots, representing hours of literal monster truck mayhem.

monstermayhem17   Release Your Oversized Frustrations With Offroad Legends [Android]

In all honesty, I’ve never gone to the paid version yet. I plan to, but I’ve had so much fun playing all of the tracks in the free version over and over that I haven’t had the need. I’m sure I will once I get sick of those tracks – but the ability to try out different tracks with different cars in the garage just adds a whole new element of fun to the game.

So try out Offroad Legends, and see if you can navigate these high-altitude leaps over cliffs and mountains, and discover whether you can land your monster truck without blowing a tire or two – or blowing up your ride!

Do you like Offroad Legends? Are there other monster truck games for Android that you like to play? Share your feedback and tips in the comments section below!

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Frank James

Do you have a link for this game?


Lewis Waller

Can’t find it anywhere, no sign of it in Android Play Store! Weird.


Andy Grindstaff

I’m having the same problem. Tried finding it for my Android phone, no luck. Tried googling it and still nothing. Looked like a fun game!


Mihovil Pletikos

same here… Monster Mayhem is nowhere to be found!



Please post a link to game. It would be helpful if you have already included in your article.



Looks great, too bad its nowhere to be found


James West

First paragraph of this post. “You can find the game with the Google Play app.”


Alex Perkins

It’s a shame we can’t find it, did it get removed or renamed?


Boni Oloff

Looks like it is better played in tablet sized Android. Not the phone.


Ryan Dube

Hi everyone, I just found it – it’s listed as Offroad Legends Free in the Android Market (Google Play) now! Sorry for the confusion but it’s still there – check it out and let me know what you think!

Dr Jeffrey Lybarger

Sorry Ryan, I did not see your post before I wrote mine below. This game is very fun, and great post about it.
Dr Jeff


Thanks Ryan


Dr JeffreyLybarger

I have this game on my iPhone 4s and it is awesome. The game is called Offroad Legends in Apple’s App store, so maybe there was a mixup on the name in the article? Anyways, if you can locate it, for sure download it. This is one of my all-time favorite games to play.

Dr Jeff

Ryan Dube

I think you’re right. We’ve updated the article to reflect the correct name. I agree – the game is really addictive and I have to say I’ve spent way too much time playing it over the last week than I probably should have. :-)


Nikhil Chandak

this game seems to be very interesting
gonna try it out ….


Jon Smith

haha one of those cars remind me of the Mystery Machine


Alex Downs

looks fun


Frank Zedmore

Yes! I love this game! Though it took me a while to get the hang of things

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