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Nothing has us beat as a hard day’s work at the office. Taking the evening off to relax and release all that stress is not an option for those with a bits and bytes lifestyle. When Friday seems a long way off and the computer screen the only companion, where do you go for a bit of relaxation? The online world of course!

Tina showed you just how when she looked at The 5 Best Ways To Relax Using Online Tools The 5 Best Ways To Relax Using Online Tools The 5 Best Ways To Relax Using Online Tools Read More . Music, videos, games, social chats, and just lazy browsing are nice.

Then if you working in your Chrome browser, the next best thing to shutting it down is to play around with these six relaxing Chrome extensions and let the stress ebb away.


Music is one the best stress relievers. Random music could be cacophonic or oddly pleasing. Pulsate is a Chrome app that lets you create musical patterns from randomly colliding circles. While the music plays on, the patterns on the screen are hypnotic. The more circles you create with a click of your mouse on the black background, greater will be the randomness of the music. As the screen shows, you can configure a few of the settings. Try out this simple app and see if it reduces your stress just a little bit.



The trouble with digital lives is that despite your best efforts, you have to connect yourself to the computer. It’s either to read a mail or check out something on the web. As the extension description says – This is a handy extension that will let you rest your tired eyes and at the same time, let you learn new stuff. This text-to-speech extension can be carefully calibrated with volume, voice, speed, and pitch. You don’t need to select any text; the test-to-speech extension reads the whole page with playback controls. The neat feature is that the extension focuses on the text that’s being read while blurring the rest.


Our eyes are constantly strained by the flood of information. You can reduce the bombardment with the help of this simple extension that helps you focus on the part that you are reading right now, rather than get distracted by neighboring content. Just place your mouse on the paragraph you are reading (you don’t even have to click) and the extension blots out the rest.


Okay, you get beautiful vista and sounds of nature right inside your Chrome browser with the help of this extension, and that’s very relaxing. The changing scenery helps of course. But I hope the developer does something about removing the Facebook like button from the scenery…it’s the only little thing that mars this simple relaxation inducing Chrome extension.


Remember the absolute joy of splashing colors on a white page with abandon? Bonomo brings you the same fun but in a geeky way with this cool abstract drawing app built on HTML5. It can be creatively used of course, but I just like to go a bit wild on it watching the different styles merge together in colorful patterns. The HTML5 app also allows you to save your creations in case you are artistically inclined.

Divvr is another similar abstract drawing app you can try out.

20 Cubed

Okay, if you are reading this rather lengthy piece of prose, then it’s time to relax your eyes for a bit. Looking away from the monitor at a distant object is an advice computer users should take quite seriously. This Chrome extension serves as a reminder tool that prompts you to look away every 20 minutes. Look away…focus on something else for a change…and then come back to what you are doing on screen. You can’t be that busy!

These 6 apps have helped me relax while working on the compute. I have avoided Chrome games extensions and music app and looked at other ways to relax while working. Are you a digital citizen? How do snatch a few moments of rest while working on the computer? Let us also know about your favorite Google Chrome fun extension.

And, if you are looking for some other cool stress-reducing tips, look here:

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  1. Car Insurance
    December 28, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    I’ve been running Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome simultaneously for more than five months and today I made the decision to choose only one of them as an active browser.
    And Google Chrome is my pick!

    • Saikat Basu
      December 29, 2011 at 5:05 am

      Great! You can find loads of posts here on Google Chrome.

  2. draniqa
    December 28, 2011 at 9:16 am

    google chrome is my all type fav browser , am amazed to see these extensions .. purely loved it .

  3. Joel Lee
    December 27, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Pulsate and Focus sound really cool. I switched away from Chrome a while ago when I started using my netbook (too much of a memory hog), so I'm wondering if there are Firefox alternatives to these two extensions.

    • Andre
      December 28, 2011 at 8:50 am

      I was wondering this same thing, even though Firefox is a memory hog as well.