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You will find numerous smartphone apps that offer an alarm to help you wake up. But what about apps that help you fall asleep? If you are looking for an relaxing sounds of nature app that wakes you up and helps you go to sleep, check out Relax and Sleep.

relaxing sounds of nature app

Relax and Sleep is a smartphone application for Android devices. The app plays soothing sounds of nature to help you fall asleep. Amongst the many sounds the app plays are sounds of thunder, white noise, ocean, birds, rain, crickets, water, and mechanical noises. You can choose the sound and set it to play as you fall asleep. Alternatively you can use the timer to play the sounds at a specific time thereby using the app as an alarm clock.

play sounds of nature


Use QR-code below to download the app onto your Android

play sounds of nature music

Check out Relax and Sleep @

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