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Whenever you install programs on your Windows computer, some of them add their entries into the system’s startup registry. And when you restart your computer they automatically start with Windows. While some programs are necessary and safe (e.g. antivirus software or your most used apps), others can be malicious programs (spyware, malware) that can slow down or even hurt your system.

And the most annoying part is that even if you manually remove some programs from the startup registry, they keep repeatedly re-adding themselves to the registry after every restart, which includes even legitimate software like Google Update or Adobe Flash update. That’s where Registry Alert comes in. It is a software tool that lets you protect your computer by disabling programs from automatically starting on a system startup.

disable processes on startup

It monitors your startup registry keys and if it finds any changes it gives you an alert and allows you to stop these running processes. You can either manually stop/delete processes on every alert or enable an option to automatically remove certain processes from running on your system. You can even add specific registry keys into “Always remove list” to automatically remove those particular registry keys from your startup registry.

The software is free but requires the latest version of .NET framework from Microsoft.

registry alert



  • Blocks programs and processes from starting on a system startup.
  • Remove/stop processes manually or automatically.
  • Add specific registry key into ‘Always remove list’ to automatically remove that registry key.
  • Add new registry keys for registry alerts.
  • Requires the latest version .NET Framework  from Microsoft.
  • Similar tools – StartupList, Wise Care 365.

Check out Registry Alert @  (via Ghacks)

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