How to Refriend Someone You’ve Blocked on Facebook
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Facebook gives you lots of tools to control who you interact with. Whether you’re adding someone to your Close Friends list to see all their posts or want to limit who sees your stuff, it’s pretty easy to customize those. If you get harassed on Facebook or get sick of someone sending you game invites, it’s also easy to block them.

Blocking someone ensures that you never see them on Facebook in any form. But maybe you once blocked someone and have since made up with them, or went on a friend-deleting spree and accidentally blocked someone. You can’t see that person once they’re blocked, so what can you do to reverse it?

Log into Facebook and visit your Settings page. Click the Blocking tab on the left side. Here, under Blocked users, you’ll see everyone you’ve blocked. Click Unblock next to someone’s name to add them back into your Facebook life. Now, you should be able to search for them, view their profile, and add them back into your friends list easily.

If you go through these steps and still can’t find the person, contact them through another method and make sure that they didn’t also block you. There’s also a chance that they deactivated their Facebook account while you had them blocked.

On the Blocking page, note that you can block messages, app invites, and event invites from individuals, too. That way, if your aunt keeps sending you Farmville requests, you can silence those without totally cutting off communication with her.

Don’t forget that you can easily block politics from your Facebook feed, which you’ll never want to unblock.

Have you ever gone back and friended someone whom you had blocked? Let us know your Facebook blocking stories down in the comments!

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  1. Venetta Jones
    May 20, 2017 at 11:24 am

    I haven't blocked my fiancee and my daughter she can tag me but I can't and she says I'm not blocked her profile name is Sharae Overit, and I can't even friend my fiancee he isn't over the limit on friends and he don't have me blocked at all we both checked his list so why is this happening, and his profile name is Joesph Edwardz