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While using your computer, there are certain folders which you access often. Getting a shortcut for these folders to increase their accessibility will definitely save you time. Here to offer Mac users such a time saving shortcut is a tool called ReFind.

shortcuts for folders mac

ReFind is a desktop application for Mac computers. This Mac app is sized at only 0.2 MB and requires your computer to run Mac OS X 10.6. When you install the app you get a new icon on the menu bar; this icon provides you with links to your most popular folders, your bookmarked folders, and your hard drive.

The hard drive provides links to everything, your bookmarks folders include shortcuts you have set yourself, and your most popular shortcuts include a list of your most usually accessed folders – something the app judges by your computer usage. You can click on the icon to expand the menu or simply use a hotkey shortcut to expand it.


  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Gives you a shortcut to access your folders.
  • Lets you bookmark folder shortcuts yourself.
  • Studies your computer usage to give shortcuts to most accessed folders.

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