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There are many websites that people use to share interesting things online. While many people stick to their own circle of online friends through online social networks, there are also people who use websites like Reddit. Reddit is the best place to find all kinds of interesting online material – cute animal photos, funny videos, scientific breakthroughs, and more. Unfortunately, Reddit’s interface leaves a lot to be desired.

People who are new to the website might not even know where to begin browsing or how. Here to help deliver Reddit’s amazing content in a visually appealing and user friendly interface is the brilliant web application called Reeddit.


Reeddit is a free to use web application that you can use on computer web browsers as well as smartphone web browsers. The site offers you an intelligent browsing interface for Reddit. The left most pane on the website lets you select the category of Reddit you want to explore i.e. the subreddits. Under the list of subreddits, you will find lists for channels and sorting options. Content lists are populated in the center pane along with image thumbnails, titles, and source website. Clicking on an entry opens it up in the right pane for you to view.

In this way you are able to easily change the Subreddit category or the type of media you are viewing without having to figure out the interface. Overall, Reeddit definitely offers a better interface experience than Reddit itself.



  • A user friendly web application.
  • Compatible with computer and mobile web browsers.
  • Offers a better browsing interface for Reddit content.
  • Let’s you choose categories and sorting options.

Check out Reeddit @

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  1. A&L
    May 15, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Not working for me, but i didn't allow it to store info for offline, would that have anything to do with it?