RedMark: Web Design Collaboration Made Easy

RedMark could prove to be an extremely useful tool for both web designers as well as their clients. It helps to facilitate quick and easy collaboration on designs between designers and their clients so that designers could immediately get feedback on what changes the client wants in the design. It expedites the process of design revisions.

The designer can upload the design and the client can mark the areas where he needs the changes and also add visual comments. There are many other tools in the interface which let you drag and drop stuff and zoom into the design. Designers could also get hired by clients after they see their portfolio.

redmark   RedMark: Web Design Collaboration Made Easy

redmark11   RedMark: Web Design Collaboration Made Easy


  • Webdesign collaboration tool for designers and their clients.
  • Nice drag and drop user interface.
  • Clients can leave visual comments and mark things they don’t like in the design.
  • Get email notification when designer uploads a new version of design.

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