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We all like to read magazines. Big pictures with accompanying texts is a reading format everybody enjoys. If you would like to go through your Reddit feed in the same manner, you should check out a tool called Reddzine.

reddit magazine

Reddzine is a free to use smart device application that is sized at nearly 4 MB and compatible with iPad devices running iOS version 5.0 or later. As the app’s name suggests, it displays your Reddit stream in the form of a magazine. You get posts appearing as thumbnails which are basically big pictures accompanied by post titles. The magazine gives you interaction options such as switching between different Reddit sections, discovering and shifting to subreddits, and the ability to Star your favorite Reddits to visit them later.

The Pro version of the app lets you post comments, replies, and vote articles up or down.


  • A user-friendly smart device app.
  • Compatible with iPad devices.
  • Let’s you read Reddit stream in magazine-like format.
  • Let’s you view different sections of Reddit easily.
  • Offers Pro version with commenting and voting features.

Check out Reddzine @ 


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