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Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, but it’s not a site that makes headlines often with big changes. Usually, when Reddit is in the news it’s because someone of great importance is doing an IAmA, or something controversial happens. This time though, we actually have news of Reddit launching a new list of trending subreddits right on the very top of the homepage.

Many Reddit users end up hanging around the default subreddits, never venturing out to experience some of the other very active communities the website has to offer. This new feature could fix that, allowing users to find new places to visit on the site. Of course, the smallest niche communities will not rise up to this list, but the ones that are little smaller than r/funny, r/all, and the other regular cast of characters will filter to the top.

Like anything on Reddit, the trending list of the day allows comments, so users can jump in and leave their thoughts on the ones featured that day. Of course, many of those comments will turn into puns and circle jerks, but if you dig, you will be able to see some genuine thoughts on the list, and thus make a better decisions on whether any of these new communities are for you.


Reddit would not say exactly how they are choosing the list, but it did say that only safe for work communities will rise to the top. Also, owners of subreddits who don’t want a massive influx of new users can prevent theirs from showing up in the subreddit’s configuration panel.

The rollout for this new feature is not happening for all users right away, so there’s a chance you may not see it on your Reddit front page. Be patient, and it should roll out to you soon enough.


Source: TechCrunch

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