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Is there anything more refreshing than a bunch of nerds sitting round a table drinking beer and talking about films 5 YouTube Channels For Must-See Movie Reviews 5 YouTube Channels For Must-See Movie Reviews The majority of us like watching movies. Sure, the genres we love differ, but there's still little better than losing yourself in a different world packed with a story, a setting, and characters for a... Read More ? If this sounds like your idea of a good night then Red Letter Media have a few web series that might be of interest.

I’ve featured Red Letter Media’s Plinkett Reviews in the past, and for my money they’re still the funniest, most educated reviews of recent Star Wars and Star Trek films The Plinkett Reviews: Probably The Funniest Star Wars & Star Trek Video Reviews On The Web The Plinkett Reviews: Probably The Funniest Star Wars & Star Trek Video Reviews On The Web Lumping Star Wars and Star Trek fans together in the same sentence (let alone article) is a risky tactic. When the uniting factor just so happens to be critical comedy however, I think it's safe... Read More to date.

The Plinkett Reviews

No Red Letter Media video round-up is complete without at least a cursory nod to the Plinkett Reviews, even if we have already featured them. Part serious analysis, part black comedy; Mr Plinkett takes us through episodes I, II and III of the modern-day Star Wars saga and a handful of Star Trek films to boot.

These are arguably the area in which RLM have had the most success, with Mr Plinkett’s distinguishable voice and review style lending itself well to some of the least likeable films of all time. Other reviews include Avatar, the latest Indiana Jones flop and infantile Rube Goldberg tribute Baby’s Day Out.


If you’re a big fan of Mr Plinkett you can also download commentary tracks for A New Hope and The Phantom Menace.

Half in the Bag

Remember what I said earlier about nerds sitting around drinking beer and talking about films? Welcome to Half in the Bag, Red Letter Media’s regular booze-fueled chinwag about the latest movies. Let hosts Mike and Jay talk you through the big budget flicks, without spoiling the ending for you.

The formula works. The hosts are funny and opinionated, but familiar enough with the world of film to be able to take an educated look at what’s on their plate. The good films are given a run for their money, and the bad ones are torn limb from limb.

Best of the Worst

A personal favourite regular feature, Best of the Worst brazenly embraces the world of really bad films Movies That Suck: 5 Very Bad Films You Probably Need To See [Stuff to Watch] Movies That Suck: 5 Very Bad Films You Probably Need To See [Stuff to Watch] Call me odd (plenty of people have), but sometimes you just can’t beat a genuinely awful movie. Sure, there’s a reason bad cinema gets blasted by critics and fans alike, but occasionally a film is... Read More  in an attempt to watch and review old VHS tapes.

A lot of the films featured in this section have been sent to the team by viewers at home over the years, which means there are some spectacularly nonsensical tapes among the budget horror and instructional videos.

After deciding on and then watching said films the crew has to decide between them which is the best – which survives to be rewound another day – with the two remaining tapes bound for an unfortunate end.

The team has even gone as far as designing what has been dubbed a “torture device” in the Wheel of the Worst, a Wheel of Fortune-style bad film picker which features only the strangest tapes they’ve been sent.

Red Letter Media Originals

In addition to providing some much-needed analysis of terrible Star Wars prequels, the Red Letter Media crew are responsible for a few original productions, such as the spin-off Mr Plinkett: The Animated Series below.

In 2003 the team even made a film called Gorilla Uninterrupted, filmed on a budget of $5 in their spare time. You’ll have to buy the DVD to watch it, but for your money you will also get the “making of” documentary, which is probably better than the film itself.

And last but not least is the 2010 film Feeding Frenzy, which involves Mr Plinkett, a hackneyed plot and the whole crew in various starring roles.

The Rest

You can follow Red Letter Media over at their website, on YouTube or on their preferred broadcasting medium of

Do you enjoy Mr Plinkett and the Red Letter Media crew? Let us know in the comments, below.

  1. Lisa M
    December 13, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    There's another funny movie-related YouTube blog, where the guy specifically reviews old movies from his VHS collection. Nobody wants VHS tapes anymore (he can't even unload them on eBay), so he decided to take every title from his shelf and turn it into a "classic movies" review show. I watched the one about "Better Off Dead" and was ROFL. :-)

    DISCLAIMER: I don't work for them or have any stake in promoting the channel. I just think they're really funny.

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