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If you are running an online business, you are probably running several marketing channels for your bottom line such as emails, search, social, and traditional marketing. However, one marketing pipeline that is yet to be used heavily by small businesses is mobile SMS. Recursos Moviles is a service offering tools to engage customers through SMS marketing and micropayments.

global sms marketing

So how does a customer pay through SMS with this tool? Simple – once the pricing is set up, you can direct customers to SMS a command to your number and trigger the transaction. The customers will then be charged through their cellphone bill or phone credit, and you then get the money from Paypal, Moneybookers or any other payment method you set. You can set up different pricing based on the country the buyer is in, which they claim will meet all current regulations for all countries where the service is available.

Recursos Moviles also lets you run SMS marketing campaigns for direct conversion to sales. For example, you can generate marquee ads that you can easily embed in your website. They also have an auto-responder for inquiries and promotions.

But the strongest feature this tool offers is SMS to email. This allows you to receive SMS from users to your email and then respond to it quickly. You can also use the emails during broadcasts, much like when people text in their opinions and answers to a radio or TV show. You can create news buzz, a voting system, and individual support with this feature.

So if you are looking to start SMS marketing on-the-fly, you can try this out. SMS marketing offers a level of flexibility and a wider reach not found in smartphones allowing you to position yourself better over the competition. Recursos Moviles is especially useful for countries that have a high rate of SMS usage or in markets where micropayments makes sense.



  • SMS micropayment service for businesses.
  • Integrates services that works well with several payment methods.
  • SMS auto-responder.
  • SMS to email.
  • Marquee ads.
  • Available in Spanish or English.
  • Monitor SMS campaigns.
  • Monitor earnings.

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  1. Chuck Reynolds
    April 18, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    hmm was looking for campaign based stuff... currently using and loving it.