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If you are leading a startup or a small business, you will quickly learn how hard it is to be on top of all your customers tweets and social updates. While connecting with your customers is critical, you also don’t want to be bogged down by doing just that. Enter, a tool that helps you keep tabs on your Twitter account so that you can better manage your brand online.

brand monitoring twitter

Signing up with is easy. All you need is to connect your brand’s Twitter account to the service. You can also type in your competitor’s brand so that can keep track of that too.

The resulting dashboard includes a graph for the current mood of your customers when they mention your brand and the number of tweets over time. Even more impressive is the ability to identify and sort tweets based on intent. lets you know if a certain tweet involves a support issue, a user question, or a feature request. It also scans names of journalists with Twitter accounts to let you know if there are press opportunities available for you. makes social connections easier for businesses, allowing you to be more flexible and responsive to customer concerns, while also being able to start a conversation with them. It is one of the simpler but powerful Twitter apps where businesses will find real value.


  • E-mail alerts for updates.
  • Guesstimate tweets and sort them by support issue, user questions, or more.
  • Helps you respond quickly.
  • Gauge the sentiment of your brand.
  • Currently available as free beta.

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