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Cool Websites, Applications and Services Check out some of the latest makeuseof discoveries.
Below you’ll find 10 cool web applications that definitely have something to offer.
All listed websites are FREE (or come with decent free account option).

1. SwitchPlanet – really cool marketplace where you can switch (or trade) used DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Books.

2. Billeo – manage, organize, pay and track your bills (and receipts) online. More details.

3. [NO LONGER WORKS] CryoFinders – directory service for flights arrival and departure listings.

4. [NO LONGER WORKS] FolderShare – access your files remotely, share files with others, sync. files across multiple locations.

5. Gazhoo – marketplace for all kind of documents (forms, research papers, essays, etc). More on Gazhoo

6. [NO LONGER WORKS] Mosio – send questions (via SMS) and recieve up-to 4 free answers.

7. PhotoJojo – must-read newsletter for all photography fans. More on Photojojo.

8. ReviewBasics – flexible and powerful online feedback gathering platform. Get feedback on images, designs, videos, etc. More details + screenshots.

9. SharpCast – store, backup and share your photos online right from your desktop.

10. YuuGuu – access you PC remotely, share screen and collaborate on running programs with colleagues. More on YuuGuu.

NOTE: These are just half of the applications we have added to our directory in the last 2 days. To keep up-to-date on all directory additions subscribe to directory feed here.

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