RecipeMatcher: Find Recipes Based On Ingredients You Have

Are there cooking ingredients in your refrigerator you have not used it? If you would like to cook a meal using them but do not know of any good recipes involving these ingredients, you can easily help yourself by checking out a website called RecipeMatcher.

recipe matcher   RecipeMatcher: Find Recipes Based On Ingredients You Have

RecipeMatcher is a wonderful website that lists a variety of delicious cooking recipes. The site lets you browse its recipes by name as well as cuisine. But the forte of this recipes website is that it lets you find out which recipes use the ingredients you already have. The process is quite simple: you type in the ingredients you have the type of cuisines you want to search. Search results are quickly displayed along with complete instructions; your main ingredient is also shown as a percentage of other ingredients used in the recipes. A user rating for the recipes helps you decide which one to go with.

recipe matcher1   RecipeMatcher: Find Recipes Based On Ingredients You Have


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lists delicious cooking recipes of various cuisines.
  • Lets you search for recipes by name and cuisine.
  • Lets you search for recipes by ingredients.
  • Lets users rate recipes.
  • Similar tools: Cookzillas, Recipefy, Punchfork, Cooklet and RecipeChimp.
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