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Get Food Recipes based on what you have

Recipematcher isn’t just one more new recipe website, it’s slightly but crucially different. Instead of you going and searching for recipes it recommends them to you based on the ingredients you have. So, whenever you need some guidance what can be done with left over garlic cloves, bunch of onions, and whatever else may be left, check it out. These days, I order food almost daily, and mostly not because I like food I get but because I’ve only few ideas to what can be done with existing ingredients. Recipematcher seems like a convenient way out, I’ll definitely give it a try.

How does it work?

Open account, choose ingredients you’ve, and click search. Before listing results recipematcher further asks you to choose whether to refine results by cuisine(Italian,French,Mexican etc) or to view all mixed. Once you choose it will return all matching recipes ranked according to the number of missing ingredients. To recipes are the ones that require least number of additional stuff to ingredients you already have. Check out screenshot below.

recommended recipes


Once you decide on a recipe you can instantly add it to a conveniently formatted eGrocery list and print it out. And in case you get some of your friends to use it as well, you may share favorite recipes with each other. That’s pretty much all.

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