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Making international phone calls through your cell phone can be quite costly. If you want to call a friend or family member abroad, you have to keep the call’s duration in mind because of the hefty call rates. But Rebtel does away with the call rates worries and brings you an unbelievably remarkable solution.

android international calls

Suppose you are living in New York and you place a call to Moscow, while paying the New York to New York call rates. This is exactly what Rebtel does.

Rebtel is a cellphone app for Android phones. When you place an international call through your cellphone, Rebtel intervenes and finds a local number which can route your call. The only condition is that the number you call must also be on an Android phone that has Rebtel installed. The app works on your regular phone carrier’s service – no internet connections are required.


Check out Rebtel @ or search for the app at the Android Marketplace.


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