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Blizzard’s past event in its multiplayer FPS Overwatch, the Summer Olympics, was an impressive display. They provided both cosmetic items and the new brawl installment, Lucioball. Their new seasonal event, Halloween Terror, surpasses the Summer Olympics in both items and enjoyment.

Image Credit: Overwatch Blog

The Halloween Terror event is introducing great content for fans to enjoy. Here are some of the highlights of the event, along with a strategy guide to defeat Junkenstein and his evil, evil, evil horde.

Junkenstein’s Revenge

The main component to Halloween Terror is Junkenstein’s Revenge, a new, pseudo-MOBA Brawl mode.

The Game

Junkrat’s Revenge Brawl Mode is a 3 lane defense game with two objectives. One, kill all the enemy bosses. Two, defend your wall from mobs Learn The Lingo: Common Gaming Terms You Should Know Learn The Lingo: Common Gaming Terms You Should Know All hobbies have their own terminology; sets of words and phrases that are only known to those actively involved. Gaming is no exception. What follows are 20 of the most common terms associated with gaming,... Read More (enemy NPCs).

Overwatch Revenge Map

Every character provides an important function in this brawl mode, and paying close attention Let's Break It Down: How Overwatch Competitive Mode Works Let's Break It Down: How Overwatch Competitive Mode Works Are you one of the millions who want to get started on the new Overwatch mode? Here's the skinny on Overwatch's Competitive Play! Read More to the game is crucial.


Warning — This guide only covers the timing in Hard Mode. Positioning and general game play, however, does apply.

The Heroes

The first aspect you’ll notice in Junkenstein’s Revenge is the limited hero selection screen. You can only choose four characters: Hanzo, McCree, Ana, and Soldier: 76. This hero selection isn’t random: each character fulfills an important in-game function.

The Good

Hanzo — Your main purpose is to ult (Q > Dragonstrike) the enemy boss. Dragonstrike will provide a continual stream of damage to your enemy bosses, while also wiping enemy mobs. Ensure that you continue moving.

Soldier: 76 — Your main purpose is to focus enemy mobs. Since Soldier: 76 is a short range character, use your ultimate (Q > Tactical Vision) to knock off enemy mobs close to your door. You are the main line of defense between the enemy and the door. Pop his heal (E > Biotic Field) as often as possible.

McCree — Your main purpose is to ult (Q > Deadeye) and stun (E > Flashbang) the enemy bosses. Deadeye will instantly kill any enemy once loaded, but it doesn’t last forever. McCree’s ultimate is the biggest game-changer in this mode. Ana’s ultimate will speed the process along, so ensure that you and Ana are in sync with your ultimates. Most importantly ensure that you activate your ult out of sight from enemy players. Flashbang also does a great job of canceling enemy ultimates.

Ana — Your main purpose is to heal and ult (Q > Nano Boost) friends and stun (LSHIFT > Sleep Dart) enemy bosses. Ana has the unique ability of providing both offensive and defensive positions. Focus on healing, and ulting McCree whenever a new boss approaches.

The Bosses

Three villain forms of Overwatch heroes appear throughout Junkenstein’s Revenge. All enemy bosses come fully equipped with their capabilities, and will ult once their health bar reaches a certain, low level.

Overwatch Junkenstein Enemies

The Reaper (Reaper) — Reaper is the first, and most active, enemy boss in the game (first at 4:42, second at 1:35, and third at 0:35). Immediately after spawning, he will Shadow Step from his ledge to the floor. His position never changes (in front of your gate). The best method to finish him is to have Ana stun him immediately, and have McCree defeat him using Deadeye.

Junkenstein’s Monster (Roadhog) — Roadhog is the second boss that appears (first at 2:45, and second at 0:00). Besides using his hook, which will interrupt McCree’s ultimate, his most annoying trait is his ult (Whole Hog) which will defeat allies and knock off their positioning. If Roadhog begins ulting, stun him. This is key, as he has the highest health count of any enemy boss.

Dr. Junkenstein (Junkrat) — By far the most annoying in all modes, Junkrats is the third boss that appears in Junkenstein’s Revenge (first at 1:45, and second at 0:00). Instead of having free range of the map, Junkrat spends the game on a perch where he aims and launches frag grenades. When Dr. Junkenstein appears, spread out! Clumping as a group will allow Junkrat to do more damage to your team per grenade. Stunning Junkrat will rely completely on Ana’s Sleep Dart ability.

The Witch (Mercy) — Mercy only appears once, in the final round of the match (at 0:00). Once initiated, Mercy will revive both Junkrat and Roadhog and continue healing Roadhog for the remainder of the match. Defeat Mercy first, as she will heal enemy bosses.

The Mobs

Each mob, like hero or boss, has a distinct purpose and threat level. They are also completely unique to this event, as previous events along with regular Quick and Competitive matches do not include mobs. Ignore the capabilities of any one, and you risk defeat by all three.

Zomnics — Otherwise known as the little ones , Zomnics are the basic mobs in the match. They do not attack, but upon reaching your gate they explode and deal damage to both the gate and fellow characters. These mobs are the first you will encounter, and will spawn in groups through the middle, left, and right sides respectively at the beginning of the match. This beginning task is important, since Zomnics provide fuel for your character’s ultimate and should not be ignored. Tick them off as often as possible. Most matches end in defeat because of the constant flow of Zomnics.

Zombardiers — As their name suggests, Zombardiers are larger, bluer Zomnics which throw bombs at enemy players. They are often found targeting players far from the gate, on the outskirts of the map. Aim these mobs first in every wave, as their constant barrage will not only hurt players but knock them away from their positions.

Shock-Tire — Even out of sight, Junkrat manages to ruin everyone’s good time. At certain parts of the match, Shock-Tires hurl towards your gate. They are fast moving and jittery, but are also signaled audibly when launched. Keep your ears open, as some heroes even warn you of incoming tires.

Layout and Positioning

It’s difficult to preserve positioning considering the hectic nature of both the match and teammate play styles. Every character should, however, be positioned to their strengths.

Overwatch Junkenstein Layout

This layout fulfills three main objectives:

  1. McCree is out of the direct line of sight, meaning he can ult without much interference.
  2. Ana is in view of all players, meaning she can heal at will (barring bad aim).
  3. Soldier: 76 is the least capable of long-range, while most capable of short-range, so standing 76 in the center will allow him to tick off straggling Zomnics. His healing ability also allows for a sort of base camp.

McCree and Hanzo’s positions are interchangeable, although the general play style should reflect their positions (sidelines for long-range, middle for short). Attempt to hold this position as often as possible, even during boss fights.

Additionally, here is an infographic detailing the important events to look out for during Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge Infographic
Image Credit: SpaceshipCapt

Trick or Treat Yo’ Self

Of course, it’s not all Zomnics with Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event. Blizzard packed this event with “over 100 new cosmetic treats” to make for a great Halloween haul.

Halloween Skins

It’s time to treat players with new in-game skins, all reflecting the Halloween theme. Here is a quick showcase of all 12 new skins Blizzard has provided.

Overwatch Halloween Showcase

In a turn of events (and to the gratitude of fans) Blizzard now allows players to buy Loot Boxes using an in-game store (accessible via the Loot Box section in your title screen).

Overwatch Loot Boxes

These box prices Want to Get the Best Deal on New Games? Try These 5 Tips! Want to Get the Best Deal on New Games? Try These 5 Tips! Read More range from $1.99 for 2 boxes to $39.99 for 50.

Halloween Achievements

Unique to this event are brand new achievements 5 Gaming Achievements That Are Close To Impossible 5 Gaming Achievements That Are Close To Impossible That's right, this is a challenge from me to you. I'll bet all my marbles that no one reading this article has (fairly) earned any of the achievements you're about to read into. Read More , which unlock special sprays. The achievements are as follows:

  • Survived The Night — Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Medium Difficulty.
  • Held The Door — Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Hard Difficulty.
  • Four They Were — Win Junkenstein’s Revenge using each of the 4 heroes.
  • Not A Scratch — Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Medium Difficulty with no damage to the door.

Halloween Emotes, Sprays, and Icons

Blizzard certainly went all out this season, providing a slew of funny, unlockable sprays and player icons.

Overwatch Halloween Spray

Perhaps the funniest additions are the new, beyond-the-grave victory poses available for all heroes.

DVa Halloween Pose

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween Terror!

Blizzard is always trying to out-do themselves Bump It Up! A Guide to Overwatch Season 2 Bump It Up! A Guide to Overwatch Season 2 Overwatch Season 2 is upon us, and with it come serious changes and improvements. Here are some of the more notable features! Read More , and this event is testament to that. With a new brawl mode, character skins, emotes, and more, this is surely an event to enjoy. Best of all, this event offers insight into the achievable range and depth of Overwatch and its characters.

Did you enjoy Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below!

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