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Reading proficiency is a big problem in today’s high schools. Only 33% of 4th graders can read proficiently. If you are a teacher and trying to improve the reading proficiency of your students, check out ReadWorks. It is a reading comprehension solution that addresses the reading proficiency problem in classrooms. It is aimed at teachers and provides free, research-based and Common Core-aligned reading comprehension curriculum for grades K-6.

It helps teachers improve the effectiveness of teaching instruction to students through research-based, classroom-proven practices and curriculum. It is a free service provided by a non-profit organization and deliver plans directly to teachers online, and is used by over 200,000 teachers in 45,000+ schools nationwide.


Learn how to teach students the concepts of comprehension – essential skills and strategies every student needs to be a great reader. Browse through lessons across different grades that teaches these concepts. All the lesson units are based on the books loved by students.

Moreover, ReadWorks provides tutorials and training videos for teachers to improve their teaching skills and video tours how to effectively use the site. To try it out, sign up on their website.

ReadWorks: Web-Based Reading Proficiency Solution For Teachers 225



  • Improves teaching effectiveness and raises student achievement in reading comprehension.
  • Engages teachers directly online and is used by over 200,000 teachers in 45,000+ schools nationwide.
  • Complements core reading programs.
  • Activities for buiilding student vocabulary and background knowlege integrated into every lesson.
  • Tutorials and training videos for teachers.
  • Research based curriculum and training.
  • Easy-to-print reading materials and student worksheets.
  • Aligned to the Common Core and ALL state standards.
  • Provides nearly 1000 non-fiction passages for grades K-6.
  • Free and web based.
  • Similar tools – Storytimeforme, Quizdini.

Check out ReadWorks @ (via Freetech4teachers)

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