Readtwit – Turn Links in Twitter Tweets into an RSS Feed

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Readtwit logoThere is no doubt that Twitter is a great source for online content. Some might even argue that it has the potential to aggregate better content then an RSS reader – because the aggregation is done by people, rather than previously chosen feeds.

Readtwit is a 3-step service that will seamlessly integrates this aggregation power of the people you follow – into your RSS reader.

3 steps and you’re good to go

Readtwit, a new web service by Lionite does one simple thing – it captures weblinks from your Twitter stream and then publishes the content as an RSS feed. You can then use any feed reading application to read it.

The process is composed of the three following steps:

  • Go to Readtwit and press the big ‘Get fed‘ button.

rss aggregate twitter feed

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  • Allow Readtwit to access your Twitter account (no password needed).
  • Choose your RSS reader (and if it’s not there click the ‘Get me the feed‘ button and paste the feed into your reader)

put twitter tweets into rss

The image below displays the result: the original tweet and below it the full text, in Google Reader.


Information-overload preventing  features

Readtwit automatically prevents content duplication caused by retweets. It does that by grouping together similar links that are sent in the same time-frame. Once you’ve set up your RSS feed, you can further tweak Readtwit to prevent (or at least minimize) information overload.

First, you can filter out specific users. This feature will help you keep focused on useful content, as you can set it to not display links by people who post too much (and also exclude yourself, in order to not get back the links you post, as retweets).

If there are topics that do not interest you, it is possible to filter them out as well. In the image below, you can see that I have set Readtwit to not display iPhone related hashtags – as it does not interest me. I wish I could set this filter to my whole RSS stream, but at the moment I’ll have to do it only with my Twitter links.

twitter feeds

Next, choose whether to get the full stories or just a summary and set the Feed update interval, which determines the amount of content you get.

Twitter as a human content-aggregator

Effectively, Readtwit closes a circle that turns Twitter into a human content aggregator. This is because you can now subscribe to top experts in your field of interest and get an RSS feed with the best content – chosen by them. You might even want to set up another Twitter account, one that will serve you only as a content source.

Future additions

The guys over at Readtwit are working on other additions for the service, among them are the followings:

  • White-list filtering (Twitter username or hashtags) to include targeted content only.
  • Filtering by popularity (over or under a certain threshold).
  • Creation of specific feed types (technology, sports, politics etc.)
  • Multiple feed management (with separate filters / content type)
  • Feed analytics.

Follow @readtwitapp for further updates.

Check out Readtwit

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