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Sometimes when you share stuff (messages, pictures etc) with people, you want them to see it once and never again. So that no record of it is kept anywhere. If you were looking for such a tool, you should check out ReadOnce. It is a web-based app that lets you create and share messages that are self-destroyed after being read by a recipient.

To create a self-destroying message, go to their website and select the time you want the viewer to view the message (from 1 to 59 seconds). Next, enter your message – either upload a file (image, audio or video) or simply enter a text message into the field and click the “Generate” button at the bottom. There is an option to mask and shorten your message’s URL using the shortening service.

self deleting files

Once your message is generated you will receive its Public and Private URLs. Public URL is the one you should send to intended recipients. After they open the URL and read the message it will destroy itself after the limited time specified by you. The message is permanently destroyed and can’t be accessed again by the recipient. However, you (as a sender) can access and manage the shared message via its Private URL.

So make sure you save it in case you might need it later. Once the message is created it has to be shared within 5 days, otherwise it will expire.



You can use the service without registration. However, if you want to be able to keep and access all your created messages, you will have to sign up online.


  • Generate self-deleting messages.
  • No registration needed.
  • Messages can be accessed and managed only by the sender.
  • Similar tools – NoteDIP, Cloakmy.

Check out ReadOnce

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