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Reading Bear is an educational project created by Wikipedia’s co-founder, Larry Sanger, that aims to teach beginner child readers about vocabulary and the concepts of English.

teach your kids english

At the same time, the child is introduced to the main phonetic patterns of written English. All of this is done with the help of creatively crafted media. It happens to be easier for a child to learn stuff when he is shown “pictures, presentations and sound clips”.

The website is very user-friendly, so just choose the type of “quiz” you want your child to take and click it. After that, the quiz is very simple and your child has to choose the corresponding word with the image and vice versa. It will then play the words, and your child has to recognize those words.

After the quiz is finished, it will show you how many correct answers your child gave, which can be reviewed again. Currently, there are only 14 presentations to choose from. However, the website plans to take the number to 50 soon.



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