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If you use Google Reader on a frequent basis, and want some more features like the ability to change the theme or direct sharing to sites like Facebook then you might want to try out this Chrome extension called Reader Plus. It adds a lot of features to Google Reader, some of which are a colored list view, an unread counter that shows the exact number of unread items even if it’s more than 1000, an advert remover, various skins to apply as the theme and much more.

enhanced google reader

reader plus

Since it is a Chrome extension, you’ll need to use Reader in Chrome to ensure that this extension works. A simplicity fan like me might not want to use this extension, but if you are a power RSS user who browses hundreds of feeds every day, you should check it out.


  • Chrome extension to enhance Google Reader.
  • Add colored list view, better unread counter, favicons.
  • Also add themes and more sharing options.
  • Similar tool: FeedSquares.

Check out Reader Plus @


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