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00 Reading Newspaper.jpgThe Internet has changed the way we see and get information, that’s undeniable. But despite the revolution, the traditional way of getting and enjoying news is barely altered. People still love the good old newspaper.

Maybe it’s the smell of ink in the morning, or maybe it’s the texture of the papers on your fingers, but it’s definitely the headlines and columns that makes us fall in love. Newspaper publishers from all around the world have tested and perfected the easy-to-read layout for centuries. The practicality of reading web news in front of the computer screen still can’t replace the comfort of reading the papers.

And maybe that’s the reason why Anirudh Sasikumar created Readefine.

Let’s Newspaper-ize Your Favorite Contents

To make a long story short, Readefine is both a web service and a desktop application that will beautify your chosen web content into newspaper formatting. Similar to Readability and Readable Make Webpages Easier On The Eyes With Readable Make Webpages Easier On The Eyes With Readable Read More .

If you move a lot between computers, you would want to use the web service as it’s accessible from any computer with internet connection, and no installation needed. The web interface allow you to fetch data from the web (in the form of RSS/Atom syndication, HTML, and text).


01 Readefine Web Interface.jpg

All you need to do is provide the URL, define what kind of content it is, and click the “Go” button. The page will be refreshed with newspaper formatting of the link that you requested.

01e Newspaper Result.jpg

Content that we are talking about here is not limited to web content only, but also other kinds of content. When you choose the second tab: “From Computer“, you will have the option to browse for files stored in your computer’s hard drive.

01b Computer.jpg

There is also an option to copy and paste text to have it converted into newspaper formatting. To do this, click the third tab: “Via Copy and Paste“.

01c Copas.jpg

Are you a Google Reader fan? Do you use it to manage your RSS/Atom subscriptions? Then you are in for a treat. Choose the fourth tab: “From Google Reader“, fill in your Google username and password, and let Readefine take care of the rest.

01d Google Reader.jpg

Newspapers Are In The AIR

And what about the desktop application? It’s an Adobe AIR app. And as any other 5 More Cool Adobe AIR Applications 5 More Cool Adobe AIR Applications Adobe AIR applications are nice looking and not so memory-hungry applications. If you don't already have Adobe AIR installed you can download it for free from Adobe's website. We've already previously taken a look at... Read More AIR 8 Adobe AIR Apps That DON'T Suck 8 Adobe AIR Apps That DON'T Suck Read More applications Two Directories To Find Cool Adobe AIR Applications Two Directories To Find Cool Adobe AIR Applications Read More , you have to install Adobe AIR runtime on your computer before you can use them. Then, and only then, you can proceed with the download.

02a Application Install.jpg

The installation process goes just like any other installation; wait, confirm, choose location, that kind of thing.

02d Application Install.jpg

The desktop application has a very similar look and functionality as the web version, but it gives users some extra features, such as: the ability to drag and drop text, HTML and RSS from the desktop/hard drive to the app.

03 Readefine Desktop.jpg

There are also sets of shortcut keys that you can use. Refer to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab for the complete list.

Switch between articles by clicking at the one that we want on the top bar and sidebar.

The Looks & The Layout

What about customization? Can we adjust the layout to our preferences?

Sure you can. The most basic adjustment would be re-setting the width of the sidebar. All you have to do is click on the vertical border and drag it to the position that you want.

05 Adjusting the Sidebar.jpg

Further customizations could be found by clicking the small “Aa” button at the top right area of the window.

06a Further Customization.jpg

There are no fancy things here, not even the ability to choose a font. There are just some basics like: font size and column width. But these basics are enough to make me feel like at home.

06b Further Customization.jpg

Have you tried Readefine to read your favorite sites with newspaper formatting? Do you know any other alternatives to present your favorite content in newspaper layout? Please share using the comments below.

Image credit: garryknight

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