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Google Reader is going away, and while the Internet may have calmed down from the shock and dismay of losing its best place to read RSS feeds, there is still a need for a suitable replacement. Plenty of options are popping up to help fill the void, and each one offers something new and different that makes it worth a second look.

An open-source reader called had actually been around since before Google announced the death of Reader, and it is definitely worth a look.

minimalistic rss reader

The main selling point of is the distraction-free reading environment. Instead of being busy and filled with all kinds of bells and whistles that distract you from the content, this reader simply puts the stories on the screen and allows you to enjoy them. It’s easy to use, and will feel comfortable to anyone who is accustomed to using RSS readers to consume content on the web.

Using the RSS reader is simple. You just create an account and start adding feeds. It will suggest some feeds to follow when you first create an account. You can also download and import an OPML file from another reader, so you can get all of the feeds you are used to in your new reader right away. If you’ve never used a reader before, you can add any RSS feed from around the web quickly and easily.



  • Easy to use, minimalistic RSS reader.
  • Focused on distraction free reading.
  • Import OPML files from other readers.
  • Add feeds manually.
  • Suggests popular sites to be added in feed for you.

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