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Mobile websites are great, but dedicated apps are better — we’d know, we just built not one but two. MakeUseOf’s iPhone app is here and with it you can browse, chat and save your favourite articles, all from the comfort of a native smartphone app.

You can download the app for free right now from the App Store, so while it installs let’s take a quick look at why it deserves a spot on your home screen.

And to celebrate this release, we’re offering a Rose Gold 64GB iPhone 6s! Join the giveaway below.

Customize Your MakeUseOf Experience

Our new app doesn’t just provide fast access to (what we can only assume is) one of your favourite tech websites, it also optimizes that content for your mobile device. This means a faster and more pleasant browsing experience, as the app runs natively rather than being rendered by Safari.

When you first fire the app up, you’ll be able to enable push notifications, which is a new way of keeping you up to date and ensuring you never miss an article. Next you’ll need to choose which topics most interest you, and your selection will be used to customize your personal home screen — don’t worry, our other sections are still accessible from within the app even if you don’t choose them.


From then on you’ll be notified about articles published within your favourite sections, and your home screen will only show you the topics you’ve decided you want to see. Your personal feed is always accessible by tapping Home under the menu, and you can add to or remove followed topics under the app settings, accessible via the cog icon within the main menu.

Tap an article to read it and you’ll be able to bookmark it for future use and share it via social media, Messages, email or simply grab a copy of the URL using the controls in the top-right corner. Any articles you do save can be recalled quickly by tapping the Saves icon under the main menu, in the bottom left corner.

At present the app operates independent of MakeUseOf’s login system, so articles you save won’t be synced to your main account. Expect to see this change as we roll out our login system on mobile in the near future.

Where’s Android?

Google-eyed readers will have probably noticed a distinct lack of green robot, and as anyone who has dealt with App Store guidelines in the past can probably guess: this is down to Apple’s terms and conditions.

That’s right — you can’t put Android content in apps designed solely for an iOS audience. So if you have a hankering for our Android coverage, you should probably download our Android app instead.

Deals, Chats & More

Under the menu you’ll find two options you might not be used to seeing on MakeUseOf: Deals and Chats. Deals – currently powered by StackSocial, as is on our Deals page – is where you’ll find both software and hardware, bundles and other opportunities to save yourself some money. You won’t be hassled about new deals by push notification, so if you’re not bothered you don’t have to be.

MakeUseOf Groups

The Chats tab provides fast access to official MakeUseOf discussions groups hosted on a new collaborative discussion platform, Grouvi. These category-based groups were created by our section editors and through them, you’d have direct communication with some our of editors and writers. If you already have Grouvi installed, you’ll be able to jump straight into a chat, otherwise you’ll be invited to sign up.

Grouvi fuses the immediacy of mobile platforms with topic-based discussion Grouvi Is the New WhatsApp for Topic-Based Chats [iPhone 6 Giveaway] Grouvi Is the New WhatsApp for Topic-Based Chats [iPhone 6 Giveaway] Grouvi brings people with common interests together using a simple mobile app, and we think the potential is massive. Read More , whether you’re looking for computer support or simply want to discuss the latest tech news with our team.

Wheres The <Insert Feature>?!

It’s early days for MakeUseOf’s mobile apps, and we want to take the time to get them right before adding all the extra features we know you’re hungry for. Put simply: if it’s not in there right now, you can quietly assume we’re working on adding it in the near future.

If there are any particular features you’d like to see, we encourage you to leave them in a comment at the end of this post along with any other feedback you’d like to give.

Download: MakeUseOf for iPhone (free)

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