Read Feedly Offline: Download Unread Items To An Ebook

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The Google News downloading service NewsToEbook now works with Feedly. With it you can download your unread items from Feedly to an EPUB or MOBI ebook file, which you can then read on your offline e-reader. Kindle, Kobo, Nook and even your tablet all support one format or the other, so this will work for you.

The ecosystem of apps surrounding Google Reader didn’t completely collapse when Google shut down the service in July, 2013 – but it did take some applications longer to adjust than others. NewsToEbook, which could download your Google Reader feeds as an ebook, was basically broken by the shutdown, but works now: the service added Feedly support in December, meaning if you migrated to that service you can resume downloading your unread items to an eBook.

Setting this up requires adding a bookmarklet to your shortcuts.


Once you’ve grabbed that head to Feedly. Log in, then hit the bookmarklet. You’ll be asked what you’d like to download:


From here the process is similar to our previous article about how to download RSS feeds as an EPUB using the service: you choose between grabbing all of your feeds, a particular folder or even an individual feed. You can also pick whether to mark the downloaded items as “Read” in Feedly or not.


It won’t be long until you have an EPUB or MOBI file. Its cover image will be hideous, but beyond that everything looks great: your feeds are here, including any images.

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Feedly support was added in December, so while we’re late to this we thought it was least worth mentioning for our readers – especially since ebook manager Calibre, which can also be used to download entire newspapers as ebooks, is yet to support downloading from Feedly.

Do you know of any other tools for downloading your RSS feeds? Let other readers know using the comments below.

Source: NewsToEbook

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