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The recent earthquakes in Japan caused a lot of damage to the country’s nuclear power stations. With this event the world’s attention was refocused on nuclear power and its potential danger. If you are curious about nuclear reactors in the world and their locations, check out Reactor Finder by VOANews.

nuclear reactor locations worldwide

Reactor Finder is a web tool created by Voice of America News. The app lets you discover which parts of the world contain nuclear reactors. The number of nuclear reactors in a region is displayed in colored circles. You can zoom into the map and find out the details of the reactor locations.


In addition to displaying reactors on a map, the site graphically displays the construction and shutdown stats of reactors worldwide.


You can also view the reactors names in a traditional list format, view research reactors, and filter reactors by country.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • An informative tool about nuclear reactors worldwide.
  • Provides reactor details such as reactor type, reactor status, owner, and operator.
  • Lets you view reactors via country.
  • Graphically displays global reactor opening and shut down stats.
  • Similar tools: NucleoMeter, Ground Zero II, NukeoMeter and Impact Calculator.

Check out VOANews Reactor Finder @

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